2016 Learning! 100 Award Notification Form

2016 Learning! 100 Award Notification Form



Congratulations! You have been named a 2016 Learning! 100 Award Winner. 

Your organization will be honored in the Learning! 100 Awards Edition of Elearning! Magazine Aug/Sept 2016. The Learning! 100 Awards Reception & Dinner is on June 7th at the Enterprise Learning! Conference in Anaheim, CA.

I. Learning! 100 Award Contact

Your Name: *Required
Your Email Address: *Required
Your Title: *Required
Company Name *Required
Mailing Address, City, ST, Zip (For Award & Materials Mailing) *Required
Your Telephone Number: *Required

II. 2016 Learning! 100 Award Activities

The Learning! 100 Award program is a year long education and promotions program. Please indicate below which activities you wish to participate. Our team members will contact you directly based upon the program(s) you wish to participate.

Learning! 100 Award Reception & Dinner at ELC16 on June 7th, 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. *Required Yes, I would like to attend an awards dinner(Complimentary ticket)
Yes, I wish to reserve a table for 10.
No,I do not wish to attend
Enterprise Learning! Conference Session Presenter June 6-8, 2016 in Anaheim, CA *Required Yes, I would like to participate in a Panel Discussion
Yes,I would like to host an exclusive session
Yes, our CEO would like to participate on a CEO Panel
No, we are not interested in participating in a conference
I would like to attend the Enterprise Learning! Conference on June 7&8, as a VIP at a discounted rate of $1495 for the 2-day conference pass.(Book by 4/30) Yes
Learning! 100 Web Seminar Series (Date TBD) (*Required)
Elearning! Media Group Advisory Committee *Required Yes, I would like to participate on the EMG Advisory Committee
No, I am not interested in participating.

III. 2016 Learning! 100 Promotion in Elearning! Magazine

As an honoree, your organization will be listed in the Aug/Sept edition of Elearning! Magazine. The top 10 will be profiled in the edition. (Separate email to follow)

Learning! 100 Featured Profile

Secure greater recognition for you & your organization by upgrading your listing to a Featured Profile. Each profile includes 300 word expanded listing; Plus, a 1/2 ad to promote your organization. Investment: $4995

Upload 1/2 page 4 -color ad (4 1/8″ x 10″).
Upload word document with 300 word description.
Do you wish to order a Featured Profile in the Learning! 100 Award issue? *Required Yes, I understand I will be charged $4995 for the Featured Profile.
No, I do not wish to run a Featured Profile.

Learning! 100 Leader Package.

Get the recognition your team deserves with this full page profile offering larger team photo and description. Package includes full page profile and full page 4 color ad recognizing your organization. Investment: $6500

Step 1: Upload profile description in a word document (600 words)
Step 2: Upload High Res Image (300 DPI PDF)
Step 3: Upload Full Page 4-color ad PDF 300 DPI. (9″ x 11″ includes bleed)
Do you wish to order the Leader Package for the Learning! 100 Award issue? *Required Yes, I wish to order the Leader Package for $6500
No, I do not wish to participate in the Leader Package.

Learning! 100 Customized Edition

This package includes full page Learning! 100 Profile, full page ad in Learning! 100 edition; Plus your custom cover on Elearning! Magazine, 200 print copies and custom  URL to your own Learning! 100 eMagazine. Investment:$14,950

Upload Learning! 100 Profile 600 word description.
Upload Learning! 100 Team Photo or Image (300DPI PDF)
Upload full page 4 color ad for Elearning! Magazine Aug/Sept edition. Ad trim size should be 9″ x11″ with 8″ x 10″ live area.
Would you like our assistance in designing your custom cover? There is no additional charge for 2 concepts. Yes
If no, please upload image with 9″ x 11″ live area. High Res 300dpi PDF required.
Do you wish to order the Customized Edition Package for $14,950? *Required Yes, I wish to purchase the Customized Edition Package for $14,950.
No, I do not wish to participate.

Thank you for your time to complete the Learning!100 Award  Notification Form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at jw@2elearning.com for assistance.


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