2017 Corporate Elearning Movers and Shakers announced

Bob Little’s 2017 movers and shakers list has been published, ranking the top 100 most influential people in corporate elearning; Elliott Masie, Rebecca Stromeyer and Laura Overton positioned in top three.

The list is now published as one single ‘world ranking’ replacing the previous North America, Europe, UK and APAC regional lists. Elearning! Magazine adds its congratulations to all of the wonderful people who made the list this year, and thank them for advancing the world of e-learning.

We would also nominate a few other names to next year’s list for the wonderful work they have done to advance the cause of e-learning and learning in general: Josh Bersin (Bersin by Deloitte), Frank Anderson (Retired Defense Acquisition University), Sal Khan (Khan Academy), Sir Ken Robinson (British Author and Speaker), Lynda Weinman (Lynda.com, now LinkedIn), Alan Todd (CorpU), Karie Willyerd (Co-Author of the 2020 workplace), Andrew Ng (Coursera Founder), and many others that didn’t make the list this year.

If our readers would like to suggest some other names, please feel free to comment below this announcement. To all of the people that keep moving the world of education forward to new heights, we salute your efforts.

The top 100 ranking:

  1. Elliott Masie – head of The MASIE Center, a New York think tank focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce. (Position on last year’s World list: 2)
  2. Rebecca Stromeyer – owner of ICWE, which runs Online Educa as well as eLearning Africa, ‘bringing best thinking together’. (Position last year: 7)
  3. Laura Overton – an international speaker, and the managing director of Towards Maturity (Position last year: 3)
  4. Christopher Pappas – founder of the eLearning Industry Network. (Position last year: 4)
  5. Harold Jarche – the Canada-based “thought catalyst”, writer and blogger and champion of “learning how to learn”. (Position last year: 5)
  6. Donald Clark – a long-established international speaker and commentator on eLearning, now profiling artificial intelligence (AI).
  7. Jane Hart – a workplace learning and collaboration advisor, writer and international speaker who’s active on social media. Founder of C4LPT, she has also founded The Centre for Modern Workplace Learning – and Modern Workplace Learning magazine..
  8. Charles Jennings – a Senior Director with the Internet Time Alliance, a writer, speaker and thought leader, championing the “70:20:10” framework.
  9. Sunder Ramachandran – General Manager, Training at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals India, and writer, speaker and blogger. (Position last year: 9)
  10. Roger Schank – president and CEO of Socratic Arts and a long-established thought leader in this sector.
  11. Debbie Richards – President of Creative Interactive Ideas, a consultant, speaker, and a member of the board of directors of the ATD Houston Chapter. (Position last year: 10)
  12. Patti Shank – founder of Learning Peaks, and an internationally recognized expert on, and advocate for, the pragmatics of the design of information and instruction to help people do what they need to do. (Position last year: 6)
  13. Craig Weiss – an eLearning analyst, author, speaker and thought leader who is CEO of the Craig Weiss Group. (Position last year: 1)
  14. John Leh – an independent learning technology analyst, blogger and CEO of Talented Learning, specialising in learning management systems (LMSs).
  15. Clive Shepherd – founding director at The More Than Blended Learning Company and a writer and commentator on the eLearning scene, especially focused on digital skills.
  16. Ian Smout – an organizer of the annual Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London; owner of E-Learning Age and the E-Learning Age Awards and now extending growth opportunities for the sector into Europe and Asia.
  17. Thea Payome – editor of the Germany-based CheckPoint eLearning ezine and website.
  18. Colin Steed – founder of Learning Now TV and CEO of the Learning and Performance Institute in the UK.
  19. Aaron Silvers, a designer, technologist and strategist responsible for helping to bring into being learning technologies – notably SCORM and xAPI (otherwise known as “Tin Can”).
  20. Armin Hopp – founder and president of Speexx, a member of ELIG, and a Towards Maturity ambassador.
  21. Clark Quinn – principal of the Internet Time Alliance and executive director of Quinnovation, specialising in helping organizations get value from their technology investments to support learning, performance, and development.
  22. Jane Bozarth – a speaker, author and instructional designer.
  23. Nicolas Hellers – the South America-based author of books on eLearning, and content editor of America Learning Media magazine.
  24. Lisa Minogue-White – a blogger, speaker and director of learning solutions at WillowDNA, a board member of the eLearning Network (ELN), and a presenter/ reporter for Learning Now TV.
  25. Michelle Parry-Slater – a writer, speaker and L&D director at Kairos Modern Learning.
  26. Nigel Paine – an eminent writer, speaker and broadcaster (on Learning Now TV) on eLearning and related subjects.
  27. Jonathan Satchell – CEO of Learning Technologies Group plc (LEO Learning), the only AIM-listed company focused on consolidating the fast growing but fragmented learning technologies sector.
  28. Linda Steedman, an eLearning and e-assessment consultant, and chairwoman of eCom Scotland and eCom USA.
  29. Helge Scherlund – the Denmark-based writer and blogger on eLearning topics.
  30. Juliette Denny – managing director of learning technologies company Growth Engineering, and a champion of gamification.
  31. Helen Blunden – director of social learning at Activate Learning Solutions, in Melbourne, Australia, and founder of Third Place, a co-working and networking community for learning professionals across six Australian cities.
  32. Will Thalheimer – a learning-to-performance strategist, learning consultant, learning researcher, learning benchmarker, program evaluator, speaker, workshop provider, simulation architect and instructional designer.
  33. Connie Malamed – a consultant, writer and speaker in the fields of eLearning, visual communication, and information design.
  34. Mark Britz – senior manager of programs at The eLearning Guild, who creates events for learning professionals.
  35. Amit Garg – Director at Upside Learning Solutions. Speaker and promoter of mobile learning and gamification.
  36. Steve Rayson – of curation/ content marketing specialists, Anders Pink.
  37. Stephen Walsh – of curation/ content marketing specialists, Anders Pink.
  38. Jerry Gschwind – President of learning strategy consulting business Symphony Learning Partners.
  39. Rob Clarke – owner of Training Press Releases and related services in Germany and the Netherlands.
  40. Martin Baker – CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC).
  41. Ryan Tracey – a Sydney, Australia, based speaker, presenter, writer and blogger.
  42. Peter Phillips – writer and CEO of financial …
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