21 Symptoms and Habits of Really Bad Bosses

21 Symptoms and Habits of Really Bad Bosses

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Have you ever worked for a really, really bad boss? Do you remember how it felt? If someone just sent you the link to this article, it may be time to worry. If you read it and chuckle, well congrats on recognizing these as undesirable traits.

We thought it might be constructive to provide this list of symptoms and bad habits exhibited by bosses who have gone over to the “dark side.” If any of these hit a nerve – well, you know what you should do. And remember, the #1 reason most people leave a company is to get away from a (really) bad manager. Hopefully, you’ll add even more to the list after you’re done reading these. We think the total count may be in the 100’s. Enjoy:

  1. The turnover rate in your department sounds like a halfway decent golf score.
  2. The term ‘micro-managing’ was invented by you.
  3. The only guidance you provide your direct reports is telling them that if they don’t know how to do something, you can find a replacement for them easily.
  4. You’ve never been wrong about anything – and you have the T-shirt.
  5. You don’t know what a performance review is used for.
  6. You’re the office bully when it comes to your subordinates.
  7. You spend more time kissing up than showing any love in the other direction.
  8. Your personal life looks like an episode of Jerry Springer.
  9. You take credit for your subordinate’s work – when it’s good.
  10. You like to publically humiliate your team members when they mess up, and you’ve now discovered the additional power of social media to spread humiliation even further.
  11. You find yourself disagreeing with a STOP sign.
  12. You have more personalities than Baskin-Robbins has ice cream.
  13. Your idea of inspiring people is to tell them how bad it would be if they got fired.
  14. When something goes wrong, you quickly find a scapegoat on your team to blame it on.
  15. You haven’t made a decision in the past 36 months.
  16. You hire C players so that no one outshines you.
  17. You can’t remember the last time you said ‘we.’
  18. The V in your VP title stands for ‘Vindictive’ – and the P – well you get the picture.
  19. You never let your team know what’s going on in the company.
  20. You are the last to arrive and the first to leave each day.
  21. You don’t know how to say “Thank you, great job!”

We’re sure there are more. Add one to the list for a shot at a Starbucks card.

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