3-D Printing’s Impact on E-learning

3-D Printing’s Impact on E-learning

Three-D printing is showing to have an increasingly important role in extracurricular learning opportunities, such as invention conventions and science fairs. Technology has increased reliance on interactive learning and has produced a revolution in the most basic processes of education from preschool through graduate school.

“Even though many pieces of 3-D printing equipment are too expensive to be used regularly in the classroom, the printing process does facilitate interactive in-class learning,” writes Patricia Dimick for 3Dprint.com. “In addition to the cost, another hindrance of regular use of 3-D printing in the classroom is the lack of widespread knowledge that is necessary for this kind of technology to be applied to everyday education. Three-D printers are a natural choice for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) based schools, as this initiative prepares students to excel in these areas of study.”

Instead of using linear educational methods, with 3-D printing teachers are no longer just transmitting information to students; instead, they are facilitating the learning experience. Educators are able to create a more engaging, hands-on curriculum that inspires children to learn. Concepts that have historically been difficult to grasp can be easily demonstrated with three-dimensional visual aids. Being able to use 3-D printers to produce realistic looking, tangible three-dimensional models create interactive class activities that keep students interested.

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