All We Want for Christmas

All We Want for Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving. If you’re lucky, you get to “give” yourselves something special. And if staffers at the Elearning! Media Group had their wishes come true, here’s what they would opt to open up on Christmas morning:

JIM UPTON, vice president of operations:

>> A computer that automatically does a back-up on a regular basis with an additional redundant system in place. A computer one of our team members uses (still within the one-year warranty) crashed and then wouldn’t boot up at all. We’re sending it back to the manufacturer to replace the hard drive — but no attempt will be made to recover/save any info on the failed drive. These days, very little, except core programs, should be kept on the computer; everything should be in the Cloud. We should not need a computer with a 2 TB hard drive and 12 GB of RAM.

>>Any add-on programs and add-on devices that can “play nice” with each other, are fully compatible, and update/synch to each other regularly. The computer problem noted above was caused by a very popular and well-known add-on program everyone would recognize if I named it.

>> A computer that can be programmed to start up and shut down each day at specified start/finish times.

JERRY ROCHE, editorial director

>> I recently saw an advertisement for a Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard that projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface via Bluetooth. Since I’m doing more and more work on my iPad rather than either my desktop or laptop, I want one. It takes a rechargeable lithium ion battery, but I can cope with that.

>> I suppose I’d have to put an iPhone 6 Plus on the list, but it’s not likely. I’m currently using an old iPhone 4S that I got from AT&T for 99 cents. I probably won’t be able to afford a 6 Plus until the iPhone 8s come out. **Heavy sigh**

>> Finally, I’d like one of those smartwatches, just to see if they’re really practical. I was immediately intrigued when Dr. Chris Hardy of the U.S. DAU showed me his at the 2014 Executive Learning Conference in California.

ROSEMARY DOODY, senior director of digital content:

>> Chat feature for every single CMS I use.

>> Live streaming video app to watch how teachers are teaching my kids.

>> And for fun, a Cicret bracelet would be pretty cool (

KIM LEWIS, graphic designer:

>> Apple Watch (releases early 2015) that will tell time, connect to the Internet, have health and fitness apps, have a photo gallery, and show films.

>> Adobe Ink & Slide, a stylus for the iPad that connects to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, where we do all our page composition.

>> With an App Store gift card, I could go nuts.



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