ANALYTICS: Understanding Talent

ANALYTICS: Understanding Talent

KnowledgeAdvisors today has released three new Big Data Solutions for talent development and HR professionals designed to help organizations understand major talent questions.

It consists of three different offerings designed for talent development professionals and organizations that collect data about their talent:

>> Big Data Module easily combines an organization’s talent, learning and business data, allowing them to quickly explore and visualize their data to make it easy to understand trends and patterns, and providing the ability to drill down to get to answers quickly.

>> Big Data Feed provides a standard data extract from Metrics that Matter, provided on a monthly basis to be integrated directly into the system of your choice.

>> Outsourced Big Data Analysis Service that can bring decades of combined experience in this arena to your organization without requiring you to hire, train and onboard a dedicated Big Data resource. It includes consultation on what data sets matter to your organization, as well as recommendations on how to make the data connections you need with your organization’s technical infrastructure in mind.

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