Are Today’s MOOCs Fit for Business Needs?

Are Today’s MOOCs Fit for Business Needs?

According to CorpU’s Alan Todd and Dr. George Siemens of the University of Texas Arlington’s Link Lab — No.  The pair takes issue with Bill Gates’s 1996 contention that “content is king,” writing in “Wired” magazine that “context is king” in the business world.

“The concept of the ‘business MOOC’ seems to be gaining some currency, with leaders won over by the idea of access to the brightest minds in business theory available via affordable technology solutions,” they write.

“Unfortunately, in a business setting, MOOCs fall short. Completion rates are low; outcomes are uncertain. Most importantly, the learning experience does not promote the same types of engagement and collaboration that businesses need. Corporations are inherently social; businesses, on average, reorganize every seven months, requiring new relationships be built and reporting structures developed. Additionally, research shows that more than half of the knowledge workers today collaborate with, and attempt to influence, at least 10 people every day.”

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