Best of Elearning! Awards

Best of Elearning! Awards

Best of Elearning! Awards

In its 14th year, the Best of Elearning! Awards are the exclusive users and readers choice awards program for e-learning products and services. No short lists of products. All, 100% of the nominations, are user nominated and selected.  In a recent survey, more than 85% of respondents have personally recommended an e-learning solution to a peer over the last 12 months. And, 61% agreed that award-recognition impacted their decision to consider or purchase from the vendor. The Elearning! Awards program formalizes this process by publishing the recommendations of e-learning users and honoring “Best-in-Class” solutions. 

The Balloting Process 


Best of Elearning! Voting

The Best of Elearning! balloting is now CLOSED.

Community members, users and readers of Elearning! and Government Elearning! publications were invited to nominate their solution providers for Best of Elearning! The online ballot only stipulates the product categories, no short-listing or pre-defined vendors are offered by the magazines in any category. Readers and users of e-learning solutions nominate and vote for solutions across 31 different categories.

Recognizing Winners


At the end of the nomination period the ballots are counted by Elearning! and Government Elearning!magazines’ editorial team. All vendor ballots are nullified, as well as duplicates and incomplete submissions.

Winners will be revealed in a future Elearning! Magazine edition and hosted at upcoming Enterprise Learning! Events andElearning! Web Seminar Series.

Learning professionals can also source this valued information year round, at  Discover what users say about their solution providers, what works and how these choices benefited their projects and companies.


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