The Top 20 Uses of Mobile Learning

The Top 20 Uses of Mobile Learning


In an earlier column, I made the prediction that by 2015, mobile learning will be the dominant delivery modality for all learning in an enterprise. That prompted a lot of questions about how mobile learning is currently being deployed, so we decided to show you some of those top uses in this article.

One of the handiest guides to have at your fngertips when you venture into the mobile learning arena is the Mobile Learning Handbook published by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. This is a free government publication, and it’s a great guide for getting started with mobile learning. The guide covers everything from learning theories and approaches to implementation recommendations from mobile experts.

Going through the manual, I decided to show only a portion of the uses, but the ones that I thought might have universal appeal. From these lists, I think you’ll be able to transition the thought process to your own enterprise.

ADL categorized the use of mobile learning into eight general areas:

>> Learning Modules

>> Performance Support

>> Access to Information, Education and References

>> Collaboration

>> Assessment

>> Innovative Approaches

>> User-Generated Content

>> E-Books

As anyone who has ventured into mobile learning will tell you, the frst question you must answer is “What do you need to do that actually requires a mobile learning solution?” Assuming you have gone through that exercise, and you have determined there is a need, here is my Top 20 list of uses for mobile learning:

>> On-the-Job Support

>> Just-in-Time Learning

>> Reporting

>> Manuals & References

>> Conferencing & Webinars

>> Augmented Reality

>> Note-Taking and Data Capture

>> Social Networking & Collaboration

>> Podcasts

>> Audio & Video Content

>> Audio & Video Capture

>> Text Books

>> Translation

>> Real-Time Updates

>> Field Guides

>> Certifcation and Tests

>> Surveys and Polls

>> Mentoring and Coaching

>> Job Aids

>> Location Specifc Content

Dr. Gary Woodill, author of “Te Mobile Learning Edge,” says there are more than 90 mobile devices, so when you start thinking about mobile, you will need to take into consideration everything from lap- tops to tablets to smart phones.

–by Joe DiDonato

For more information, see The Mobile Learning Handbook at:




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