To BYOD or Not to BYOD?

To BYOD or Not to BYOD?

I.T. departments are beginning to access the mobile devices of corporate employees as an adjunct to business.

The initiative/movement is called, appropriately, “BYOD” (bring your own device).

“The complexity of managing this increasing mobility in the workplace has risen sharply,” notes Chris Marsh, a principal analyst for Yankee Group. “This past year has also seen a dramatic rise in the proportion of employees using tables for work purposes. However, these have yet to become replacement devices for smartphones or laptops, the latter of which are still the preferred devices for a variety of tasks by a significant margin.”

According to research from the Enterprise Device Alliance, 90 percent of enterprises had incorporated tablet usage into corporate thinking. Eighty-six percent of those used iPads, 47 percent had Android-based devices, and 28 percent were Windows-based.

Marsh suggests that forward-thinking corporations embrace a “bring-your-own” policy for both devices and applications. He also thinks procuring such technology should be done wisely “to ensure they have the right architecture of services that either integrate or interoperate into a life cycle management approach if necessary.”

—Source: Yankee Group Research, Inc.

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