Case Study: Using Speech Recognition to Teach on a Global Scale

Using speech recognition to teach on a global scale

Because past results were inconsistent and pricey, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) needed a way to provide consistent, top-quality language learning to its employees all over the world. Furthermore, GSK needed to demonstrate a positive return on its investment. With operations running on a large global scale, GSK acutely understands the importance of language training. Historically, it leveraged local instructor-led language schools to provide the much needed language learning the company required. After piloting multiple programs, GSK chose TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog’s e-learning solution. TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog allows the organization to complement traditional instructor-led programs with an innovative, internationally recognized language system. Additionally, it can be deployed on a standalone basis to every employee. Via built-in tools, management can easily track individual/ group progress, monitor usage, identify trouble areas, assign exercises, administer tests, and conduct numerous other functions all in real time.
Auralog pioneered the use of speech recognition technology in language learning software. Every language in the TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog language library integrates this incredible technology effectively. In fact, Auralog developed SETS® (Spoken Error Tracking System) so trouble areas are identified and users can pattern native speech and reduce their accents while improving pronunciation. Instant feedback using imagery, video demonstrations and real life scenarios provides a multi-sensory learning environment that engages learners and instills confidence.
Since adding TELL ME MORE to its enrichment curricula, GSK was able to dedicate one in-house instructor to the elearning language project. Using the advanced tracking and reporting tools of TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog, the instructor manages the program, ensures employees make sufficient progress, and monitors all learning criteria. The tracking tools show detailed progress of each individual, identifying areas of excellence and difficulty as well as making it easy for the instructor to provide supplemental learning recommendations.
“In the Information Age, it is impossible to ignore the numerous advantages that new technology offers in terms of learning practices,” says Guy Debande, former training manager at GSK. “Elearning allows us to coordinate our training programs with greater ease, in addition to giving us increased flexibility. In choosing Auralog, we have a complete solution [composed of] the TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog method and the tools designed to facilitate student follow-up. Auralog also provides technical support services that assure the maintenance of the application. Now, our employees spend more than 80 percent of their foreign language learning time on TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog.”
Additionally, GSK provided a valuable service for employees needing, or wanting, to acquire skills in additional languages. The anytime- anywhere model has proven extremely popular among employees, who now spend more than 80 percent of their language learning time on TELL ME MORE Powered By Auralog.
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