Collaboration Is King

Collaboration Is King

A new study conducted in Great Britain concludes that “collaboration is king” for all staff when it comes to learning: 91 percent of the whole sample of 5,700 learners reported that team collaboration is either essential or very useful for learning what they need for their job (rising to 96 percent for those who have been in the company for less than six months and dropping to 84 percent for those in sales roles).

Additionally, 80 percent of staff are willing to share what they know with their peers. This rises to 96 percent for those new to their role and drops slightly for those over 50, to 70 percent. However, when it comes to sharing online, 15 percent of managers and sales staff and 26 percent of new starters say they’d like help in getting started.

The ongoing research program funded by Towards Maturity was begun in 2003.

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