Communications Platform Receives U.S. Patent

CloudCoaching International and CCI Labs have been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent Office for a “System and Meth- od for Superimposing a Context-Sensitive Virtual Agent on a Web-Based User Interface. This patent underpins KnowledgeNow, which is a disruptive communication and change management platform that delivers contextual, personalized, real-time, system, process and communication mes- saging inside

KnowledgeNow seamlessly integrates with to enable practical, contextual and customized communica- tions and guidance. With KnowledgeNow, video CloudCoaches appear in Salesforce. com at key junctures to guide users on any number of tasks, processes, activities, instructions and endless forms of communication. Current use cases include cor- porate communications, end-user training, sales process reinforce- ment, compliance communication, new release updates, and rewards and incentive messaging. The best part is that KnowledgeNow delivers knowledge to users “in the moment” while they are working in

“We couldn’t be more excited about this announcement,” says Jim Cossetta, CEO of CCI Labs. “KnowledgeNow is revolutionizing the way companies deploy and leverage to drive more productivity in their organizations. Not only does it increase the effectiveness of new implementations, but it also serves almost like the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of engagement, enabling users to confidently discover and launch an endless variety of video messages within to help boost productivity across an enterprise.

“KnowledgeNow is the foundation for a number of new innovative products being developed by CCI Labs. Products like our new MessageNow tool allows customers the ability to create video messages on their mobile device and immediately publish these videos inside of through the KnowledgeNow menu, fundamentally changing the way in which leaders and individual contributors access and deliver knowledge inside companies and between companies and their customers.”

Walter Rogers concurs: “Receiving this patent is a key milestone in our product development roadmap. It secures the most important element of KnowledgeNow and will enable us to further accelerate our ability to deliver innovation to our customers.” Rogers is CEO of CloudCoaching International and CCI Global Holdings.

The inventors officially named on the patent are Cossetta, Rogers, Rick Kerry, Reid Atwood and Wade Mastro.

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