Compliance Training: Don’t Just ‘Call It a Day’

Compliance Training: Don’t Just ‘Call It a Day’

Many compliance training programs work by giving participants the standards and document receipt, and then calling it a day. If key rules are breached, offenders pay the price.

But that’s not efficient — or safe, according ELI, Inc., president and CEO Stephen Paskoff, who is also a former EEOC trial attorney.

“In situations where behaviors cause harm to the public or a workforce, that type of learning just isn’t good enough. A reprimand or discharge can’t undo the grave harm that co-workers or members of the public may suffer as a result of unchecked toxic or dangerous behaviors,” he recently wrote.

He further believes that key standards need to be repeated via annual communications and “by what the organization’s leaders at all levels say and do routinely on the job and when faced with real, as opposed to, hypothetical situations.”

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