CONTENT: Competing for Top Grants

Math classes across the country are showing how the Web-based, interactive software program I CAN Learn Instructional Improvement System not only improves math proficiency and test scores, but is also a critical teaching tool. The system is garnering attention as states continue to look for programs that increase student performance and teacher effectiveness, two main criteria for the federal government’s Race to the Top (RTTT) grant program.

Classrooms in 32 states are using the I CAN Learn Instructional Improvement System, which is a product of JRL Enterprises, Inc.

The system is a complete software and hardware computer package for delivering standards-based algebra and pre-algebra courses to the K-12, college, and adult education markets. The education system captures the best instructional pedagogy and delivers this instruction through technology on a one-on-one basis to every student. In addition to providing students with a complete learning environment, the software also provides a complete classroom management tool that assists educators by providing all the feedback needed to ensure every student’s success.

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