CONTENT: Have You Got a Business Plan for Learning?

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Most high-impact learning organizations have a detailed, annual plan—and their governance process is built around this planning process. But far too few learning organizations—only 39% according to recent research from Bersin & Associates—actually have a written business plan for learning.

In the end, the research concludes, “Many learning organizations do not understand how to build such a plan.”

A business plan for learning typically incorporates 12 core elements, including an enterprise learning strategy, a budget, the program plan and operational measures of success. Good learning and development leaders will force the organization to:

>> Develop, update and benchmark a corporate learning plan.

>> Make sure all programs, investments and systems are continuously aligned with top business priorities.
>> Manage a steering committee, communicate plans, gain feedback and make ongoing adjustments.

To learn more about the 12 critical elements of a business plan for learning, download the complete whitepaper Business Planning & Governance for Corporate Training from eCornell at

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