CONTENT: Infantry Trainees Can Immerse Themselves

Quantum3D, Inc., has added a high-resolution head mounted display (HMD) and highly-flexible integrated backpack to its ExpeditionDI infantry training platform. These latest advancements extend the performance of ExpeditionDI, the industry’s first self-contained, wearable and fully-immersive infantry training platform, enabling today’s military to easily and more effectively simulate squad-based close-combat exercises.

The new 1280 x 1024 high-resolution HMD provides a high-fidelity view of the 3-D tactical environment to better immerse soldiers in the virtual environment, while improved visual acuity provides a more real-world perception of simulation scenarios. ExpeditionDI’s advanced correlated motion and integrated sight/sound capabilities enable an infantry squad to move through and interact with a virtual environment while moving, fighting and communicating as they would in a real-world combat situation.

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