CONTENT: Many Enhancements to New Virtual Classroom

WiZiQ’s new Virtual Classroom — designed specially for teachers and students — offers ease-of-use, a rich look-and-feel experience, and smooth interaction.

Here are some enhancements:

>> Improved video that enables users to view videos of four participants simultaneously.

>> Much improved, latency-free audio.

>> Feature-rich whiteboard and interface. Cut/copy/paste, group, ungroup, bring objects back/forth, or rotate the shapes on the whiteboard. Rename whiteboards and change its background colors or add a grid to the background for drawings. Minimize or move windows within the whiteboard.

>> Use emoticons in your chat.

>> Handle the new edit menus.

>> Try a new-look media player. Select videos from your play list history in the content library.

Also, the new Virtual Classroom adjusts to your screen resolution automatically on launch.

Try it at:

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