CONTENT: Simulations Are Enhanced

The Emergency Manager Staff Trainer (EMST) has been enhanced by Engineering & Computer Simulations (E.C.S.).

The EMST is a simulation-based training system that allows individuals or teams to make decisions in realistic situations and see the outcomes. It is a completely web-based program that does not require the user to install any software on their computer. Additionally, it is free to use.

The EMST trains novice to expert level with an emphasis on Naturalistic Decision making skills. This is achieved by first teaching the basic knowledge of a domain and tactical decision making. Once users have a general understanding of their role, they can jump into individual training to refine their skills by exercising with simulated teammates. EMST also has the ability to run team exercises to teach the user how to make effective decisions as a team.

EMST use is on the rise, with more than 1,000 different users and clients.

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