Coursera & Udacity Leverage AI

Coursera & Udacity Leverage AI

A new AI-powered tool developed by Coursera lets companies that subscribe to its training programs see which of their employees are earning top scores in Coursera classes; how their employees’ skills measure up to their competitors’; and what courses would help fill any knowledge gaps. Companies will be able to access the tool, which uses machine learning to derive insights, in the online dashboard of their Coursera profiles later this year.

Coursera has a data-science team that does everything from “collecting and storing data in a warehouse to interpreting information for making internal decisions to building algorithms that feed back into the site,” according to Emily Glassberg Sands, who leads the group.

Udacity’s AI research team analyzes student sentiment to see how lessons can be improved and computes whether learners like the changes. Udacity has also used AI-based chatbots to help students find relevant courses and answer common questions during the enrollment process. edX says it experiments with AI to increase how well people learn and teach.

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