Creating and Sustaining Powerful New Habits

Creating and Sustaining Powerful New Habits

The disciplines that create exceptional performance have been established and proven over the years in business, sports and personal lives.

They are no different for the sales profession. They revolve around Explanation, Imitation and Repetition. Unfortunately, most sales performance improvement initiatives stop at Explanation or, at best, Imitation.

Until recently, it was very difficult to create a learning experience for sales professional that was woven into the fabric of their work that was impactful and engaging. The cloud has changed that creating potential for experiences that open the door to new ways for companies to think about performance improvement and extending continuous learning into daily activities. Leading-edge technologies like Chatter, and are becoming excellent examples that create social business groups who are like minded and the ability to recognize individual contributors for their accomplishments.

Leap-frog advancements in custom learning platform development enable the use of applications, animation, interaction and graphical reproduction that support the modality of choice.

Novologic consults with some of the largest companies and university systems on the planet, partnering with them in areas of product development, workplace learning initiatives, technology selection and development, and cultural architecting. In fact, it recently developed a cloud-based application for CloudCoaching International (CCI) that provides just-in-time learning through smartphones, tablets or PCs or in the classroom in multiple modes.

Curiosity and staying true to the idea of learning by creating a performance improvement journey regardless of device and geography stimulates collaboration. Many companies have been steadily building competency, and it would be difficult to go into any of them in tremendous detail; however, a few have come to light recently that are trailblazing and removing barriers to entry, making content, ideas, behavior and design all come to life.

4What Interactive developed interactive learning for Cisco and Avaya through multimedia production and creation tools that bring the capabilities of their phone technology to the customer in a professional interactive session that is easy to consume. What elevates this style of learning is its on-demand nature and continuous ability to access the content anywhere, anytime. The training moment occurs at a different time for every learner; on-demand provides the flexibility and opportunity to learn at the pace in the environment that allows for maximum focus.

Imagine the potential that could be realized if behavior of the seller or the buyer could be observed through execution of the decisions or actions that were taken. Factorlab has created such an intersection with technology and “in-the-field” behavior support through monitoring and reporting that is linked to actual results.

Behavior and technology have long been disconnected, because once the learning experience has ended there are few ways to know if behavior is impacted outside of visiting with and observing the learner post training. The benefit for the sales leader is wide ranging, but a few that come to mind are: potential leverage human capital; quickly isolate and respond to seller skill gaps; reduce administrative time; streamline coaching time while doubling effectiveness; and delivering the optimum amount of effort that will deliver the greatest return.

Let’s face it: There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning. Some people like to read, some listen, some touch, some see, and some need a combination of it all. Of course, all of it needs to be linked to a reinforcement and accountability system.

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