CSU Chico and UCLA Use AI Tech for Student Learning

CSU Chico and UCLA Use AI Tech for Student Learning

California State University (CSU), Chico is deploying Otter for Education, distance learning platform leveraging Zoom-like conferencing, to its entire teaching faculty for the upcoming Fall semester. Faculty members using Otter for Education will capture and share lecture notes in real-time with their students. 

“Learning at CSU is evolving quickly due to the current environment. With this full rollout of Otter’s technology, our faculty can now capture and share lecture notes in real-time with their students,” said Jeremy Olguin, Accessible Technology Manager at CSU.

“With the fall semester just around the corner, our aim is to empower our faculty to help all students to get a better learning experience and we also want our students to access our changing learning environment in a way that’s most efficient and effective for them. This is the challenge facing of learning institutions right now, especially with lectures likely to be taking place in a hybrid mix of on-site and virtual classrooms for the foreseeable future.”

Another university school using Otter for Education is Warwick Business School in the UK. Currently, it is using Otter’s technology for its online MBA, as well as its joint global master’s program in central banking, run in collaboration with the Bank of England. The school has been listed as the number one online MBA provider by the Financial Times for the last three years running.

“Our teachers are relying on video content to deliver online lessons and Otter gives us the ability to provide accurate transcripts to accompany each video,” said Dot Powell, Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement at Warwick Business School. “This is proving to be crucial to the learning experience for our online students as it is helping us to create more useful educational resources for them and receives universally good feedback from students.”

Peer notetaking in education has long been plagued with challenges, as students were dependent on others for the quality, consistency, interpretation, and timeliness of their notes. Otter is already used by a host of academic institutions for students who require academic accommodations, including UCLA as well as other universities, community colleges, and Ivy League colleges in the U.S. and abroad. 

“UCLA recognized we needed to offer our students with learning disabilities more control over their academic accommodations. We looked beyond peer note takers for a highly accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use app and found Otter.ai,” said Dr. Nickey Woods, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion & Admissions – Graduate Division and former Director of the Center for Accessibility at UCLA. “Otter Voice Meeting Notes empowers our students with automated live transcription, removes their dependency on others, and enables them to access the learning environment in a way that’s most efficient for them. By enabling students to actively engage in lectures and study groups vs focusing on notetaking, we believe Otter is an important and valuable tool for education.” 

“Otter for Education is at the forefront of this and is creating new ways of learning. Otter lecture notes add huge educational value, by building increased engagement and collaboration between teachers, and students, says Sam Liang, CEO, and co-founder of Otter.ai.  

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