Digitizing the Enterprise: Cloud, Mobile & More

Digitizing the Enterprise: Cloud, Mobile & More

Speakers: Bob Danna, COO, Bersin & Associates, Ed Cohen, VP Learning Technologies, SuccessFactors (SAP), Jason Corsello, VP of Strategy, Cornerstone On Demand, Dave Wilkins, VP Research, Taleo (Oracle)

Since 2005, every major enterprise software and solution has evolved. Enterprise software has gone to the cloud, APIs are rampant, and instant access is empowering our workforce. In this session, hear from the CTOs and technologists who are driving the technologies that will enable the Enterprise 2020.

Join  Bob Danna and leaders from the learning and talent software, gaming, social and mobile sectors. Discover how all this digital data will provide your organization 20/20 insights in the future. Bring your questions and receive candid answers from the top executives of your partner organizations.

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