Dropbox and Blackboard Partner

Cloud storage service Dropbox has announced an integration partnership with educational software provider Blackboard.  Under the agreement, Dropbox will become the “default sharing and storage option” for Blackboard Learn, Blackboard’s primary e-learning platform for both educational institutions and business organizations. With this added functionality, users will be able to use Dropbox to work, edit and submit shared documents. Instructors can use the same platform to distribute course materials.

“Dropbox is already the collaboration tool of choice for more than 6,000 universities and institutions across the globe,” said Jason Katcher, Head of Education for Dropbox. “By enabling existing Dropbox workflows within Blackboard’s LMS, our partnership will make collaboration between the platforms even easier, while providing additional visibility for schools. Dropbox continues to focus on pursuing partnerships and integrations that make it the best place for instructors and students to get work done.”

According to Course Merchant, Blackboard Learn has reached 100 million users, and earlier this year, Dropbox offered its first education-specific product offering storage and compliance solutions.

“At Blackboard, we’re focused on developing technologies and services to help institutions create the most powerful learning environment for their users,” said Kathleen Vieira, Vice President of Partnership Solutions at Blackboard. “We are excited to partner with Dropbox to deliver a tailored experience which will enable students and instructors to use our strong learning management technologies alongside their collaboration platform of choice.”

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