Education Disruption On Its Way

Education Disruption On Its Way

Nearly 70 percent of college presidents believe that at least a moderate amount of disruption is needed in higher education to improve outcomes and the perceived value of higher education, according to a survey conducted by Maguire Associates, Inc. Only 3% reported that the current state is working smoothly.

Only 17% of respondents believe that the US Education System will be the best in the world in the next decade, vs. 67% who claim it is today.

“Years ago, disruption to the higher education business model was not something widely discussed among institutional leaders,” said Jay Bhatt, CEO of Blackboard. Times have changed.

The report also found that most university presidents and provosts welcome change. When given the options of “evolutionary change” or “disruptive change,” two-thirds of all institution leaders surveyed favored for massive or moderate disruption.

—Source: The Innovative University: What College Presidents Think About Change in American Education

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