Einstein Joins Salesforce

Einstein Joins Salesforce


Einstein was introduced at Dreamforce this week. Einstein reveals the customer’s DNA within the salesforce platform. By knitting together the digital fingerprints of each consumer, Einstein provides actionable analytics in a smart app. This AI solution offers predictive analytics, machine and deep learning and understands natural language all born from $1 billion of recent acquisitions.  Marc Benioff’s goal is to take a complex solution like AI and make it easy to use within Salesforce.

Einstein is AI built into the core of the Salesforce Platform where it powers the CRM. IT delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service and marketing- and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Now, everyone in every role and industry can use AI to be their best. Einstein literally captures data, feeds it to the engine to learn, guide and recommend based upon trackable customer needs and wants.

Salesforce users can leverage Einstein to serve customers better by Anticipating sales opportunities with Sales Cloud Einstein; Proactively resolve cases with Service Cloud Einstein; Creating predictive journeys with Marketing Cloud Einstein; and, Embed intelligence in every app with APP Cloud Einstein.

“Hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of people will benefit from the best machine learning to make smarter decisions and function more effectively,” shares Shubha Nabar, Lead Data Scientist, Salesforce.

Schneider Electric, a company that supports a majority of commercial buildings across the globe, uses Einstein for Field Service. Einstein receives information on the status of electrical panels within buildings, identifies power interruptions and sends info to the field for immediate response with the status available immediately to the technician. In this example, the technician was equipped with Virtual Reality headset to view the dashboards and repair methodology while evaluating the power panel.

Why do we need Einstein?

“B2B and B2C customers are automatically generating information just by having a smartphone and interacting with the sensors it carries,” replies Shawn Belling, Vice President, CloudCraze. “This creates huge amounts of data that any commerce or AI engine can write integrations and algorithms to connect o and consume. The challenge is making sense of all of this data, and using it to generate value. Einstein could make this easier for everyone.”

 “AI [Einstein] can analyze CRM data to equip businesses with the tools to personalize messages to multiple decisions markers in real time. This add overall value to customers by enhancing efficiency, and driving revenue through better business processes and available insights,” continues Belling.

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What does the future hold for AI?

Scott Horn, CMO at (24)7, an AI-powered customer engagement solution provider suggests, “Einstein is a sign of the true potential of AI- as a supplement to the human intuition. By turning cold calling into warm-calling, this is an opportunity for AU to prove itself as a truly productive counterpart to the human mind. And, the applications for this technology go well beyond sales. AI is bringing automation to customer service, which will bring major benefits to consumers. For the first time, businesses can now understand and act on consumer intent, meaning that consumers will no longer have to repeat information or be bombarded with irrelevant information. This technology will be commonplace in the next five years.”

How do you get Einstein?

First, you need to use Salesforce, and activate Lightning, Thunderbolt and then Einstein. You literally build upon this AI cloud leveraging the Salesforce Cloud. To discover your path to AI, visit trailblazers.salesforce.com.


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