Do Employees Lack Training?

Forty-five percent of respondents to a recent business management survey say that they have not received sufficient training to effectively do their jobs

— a troubling increase from 40 percent in 2012.

Michael Management Corp. has released the findings from its annual 2013 SAP training survey of more than 1150 SAP professionals.

In addition, Cushing Anderson from IDC provides an insightful commentary and analysis of the survey’s results.

“In this survey, end-user training is once again seen as the single greatest training need in nearly 50 percent of enterprises. Consistent with that, IDC research has found that training of both project staff and end-users is the single most important factor in upgrade or deployment projects meeting the business objectives of the project. … Unfortunately, more than 45 percent of enterprise system users, administrators or consultants feel they have been inadequately trained to perform their responsibilities. This is consistent with findings from last year, and it is little wonder that enterprise system implementations and upgrades so often result in unmet expectations, under-used capabilities and disappointed stakeholders.”

—Download the report: training_2013survey.asp

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