Employer-Employee Relationships Changing

Employer-Employee Relationships Changing

New relationships will be developing between employee and employers over the next five years, claims David Coleman, analyst,

Collaborative Shift. Here are just some:

>>  Thirty percent to 50 percent will not work directly for your company.

>>  Your company will be smaller, and many functions like sales, marketing, finance and even R&D will be “smart-sourced.”

>>  Your company may be composed of a core of 100 to 200 people who manage, coordinate and control the IP.

>>  There may not be a single address where all your employees work; more likely there will be small regional offices that provide meeting facilities and technology, or hot desks if needed.

>>  Your job will be more about coordination than control, and transparency will be a critical part of that. Security still will be important, but it will look nothing like it does today.

>>  A majority of your workers will be Millenials, with Gen-Xers in the top positions. This means not the death of e-mail but more inapplication, in-community communication.

>>  Pictures and video will be even more important, and we will start to see workspaces that look something like the “holo-deck” from

Star Trek.

—Source: Collaborative Shift, Inc., www.collaborativeshift.com


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