Engaging the Smarter Workforce

Engaging the Smarter Workforce

According to Gallup, only 30% of the workforce is highly engaged and passionate about their work. Yet, driving employee engagement is a critical business driver for productivity (22% higher for highly engaged workforce) and higher retention rates (25% higher.)

Corporate leaders are heavily investing in learning and workplace technologies to drive engagement and collaboration. In a recent E-learning User Study, 72.8% of respondents reported Improving Employee Engagement was the top business driver for learning investments. Increasing Collaboration within Learning (51.5%) and Across the Enterprise (48.5%) followed closely behind.

The Magic Question: How can you drive engagement across the smarter workforce?

In this session, we bring two thought-leaders together to share their insights on engagement and collaboration within the enterprise. David Coleman has always said it the soft stuff, not the hard stuff that is difficult. The first step in improving team collaboration is to understand your organization’s Collaborative Culture. David will reveal the 10 key questions to ask to assess your organization Collaboration Index.

Steve VerBurg joins the discussion with a focus on employee engagement. The bottom line for engagement is to create a value-driven culture that will raise confidence levels and make employees feel inspired, enthusiastic, and empowered to achieve higher levels of performance. Steve will reveal the three pillars of engagement to apply to your teams.

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