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Advanced Learning Technologies in Learning & Development


Speakers: Sam Adkins, Founder, Metaari

Date: Sept 13, 2018  10 AM – 11 AM PST

Astonishing innovations are coming on the market at a rapid rate and learning teams are grappling with all the options. AI, Machine Learning, VR, and AR are crossing over into consumer-like applications that  are impacting the future of learning.

In this session, Sam Adkins, chief researcher and founder of Metaari Research (formerly Ambient Insights), will reveal advanced learning technologies entering the L&D arena. These applications are in play now by global developers with surprising results.  Join this session to discover how learner retention, engagement and performance can be elevated by leveraging these techniques.

Bonus: Attend the live session and receive a complimentary report from Metaari Research.

About Sam Adkins

Sam S. Adkins is the Founder and Chief Researcher at Metaari (formerly Ambient Insights.) Sam has been providing market research on the learning technology industries for over twenty years and has been involved with digital training technology for over thirty-five years.  Previously, Sam managed the team that built the world's first commercial online learning business (The Microsoft Online Learning Institute) for Microsoft. He was also Senior Instructional Designer at United Airlines and the manager of the Instructional Animation Lab at AT&T's central computer-based training (CBT) facility.

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