FastCompany: The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education 2017

FastCompany just named the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education in 2017. Read the entire article here: FastCompany. You can click on each of the companies below to see why they’ve been selected. Elearning! Magazine also asks it’s readers to nominate and vote for the Best of Elearning! companies that they’ve dealt with. You can see those results here: 99 Best of Elearning! Award Winners.

FastCompany’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education in 2017:

1. MICROSOFTFor building new worlds in the classroom

2. DUOLINGOFor letting friends compare notes as they learn a new language.

3. GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYFor becoming the nation’s largest computer science master’s program, while charging a fraction of the typical cost.

4. ICIVICSFor using digital games to teach kids their rights and responsibilities as U.S. citizens.

5. ADMITHUBFor using chatbots to improve college outcomes.

6. NEWSELAFor helping kids make sense of the news—at their own reading level.

7. PLURALSIGHTFor recognizing that on-the-job learning needs to be on-demand.

8. OSMOFor designing educational games that magically integrate physical and digital.

9. PANOPTOFor making lectures more interactive

10. 2UFor proving that students are willing to pay top dollar for online learning.

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