Florida Virtual School Delivers Free Online Ed Resources During Covid-19 Era

Florida Virtual School Delivers Free Online Ed Resources During Covid-19 Era

Florida Virtual School earns 2020 Learning! 100 Award for excellence in collaboration.

As Florida’s online public-school district, Florida Virtual School® (FLVS®) was prepared and available to support families and school districts to ensure students can continue their education, despite potential COVID-19 disruptions. FLVS created a one-stop resource hub to support Kindergarten-12 educators, administrators, schools, and families.

On March 27, 2020, FLVS launched the Online Learning Community at https://www.flvs.net/community. Completed within a short two-week timeframe, the Online Learning Community is filled with engaging and informative content that is continually updated for:

  • Parents who want to teach their kids as the primary home educator.
  • Teachers who are new to teaching online or looking to further advance and/or share their online best practices of teaching with others.
  • School administrators who are transitioning to online learning in their school district or looking to enhance their existing programs.

The FLVS Marketing & Communications (MarCom) team led the charge, but nearly every department in the organization was involved in the process. From the onset of COVID-19, Dr. Louis Algaze, FLVS President & CEO, and Sam Verghese, Chief Operations Officer, worked closely with the Florida Department of Education and superintendents. The FLVS Executive Leadership team met daily since February and continues to meet to discuss progress and make decisions on how FLVS can best serve teachers, students, and families in their relief efforts. 

 Here are the highlights from each team in support of the Online Learning Community: 

  • Analysis, Assessment & Accountability (AAA) – provided rolling enrollment trend numbers for data-driven decisions, plus research and white papers for the Online Learning Community. 
  • Curriculum Development – reviewed existing training materials to develop Virtual Teacher Training course which meets FLVS brand standards.
  • Partner Services (Global) – continues to offer live webinars and facilitated live lessons to teachers across the nation as well as provided video expertise. 
  • Partner Services (Florida) – leveraged the relationships built and remains in close communication with county virtual school offices and schools.  
  • Information Technology – helped with automation of training set-up tasks to reduce manual effort, adding infrastructure to increase server capacity and bandwidth, as well as providing ongoing technology expertise.
  • Instruction – provided the heart to make this all work and constantly provides special care to students and families who have come to FLVS for support. 
  • Marketing & Communications – created COVID-19 support pages for students and parents, schools and districts, and teacher training; and built the Online Learning Community Hub and email platform, while coordinating, writing, and editing digital and social media blogs, posts, videos, talking points, media requests, data, research, and more. 
  • Professional Learning – provided essential support for the Virtual Teacher Training program.

The Tool Sets

The tools and resources used to form the Online Learning Community vary, from the FLVS Learning Management System to utilizing Live Lessons and webinars hosted on Zoom, to hosting content on their website. Through long, hard hours, individuals have bonded together to share their unique talents and to maximize people’s strengths. This effort has been led by supportive management who epitomize the culture of learning that FLVS embraces.  

FLVS Online Learning Community: www.flvs.net/community 

Online Learning 101

FLVS created and collected an array of resources including videos and articles designed to help students, parents, and teachers explore online learnin

Featured VideosBuilding Rapport with Your Students

FLVS has compiled resources to help educators transitioning to online learning. In this video, FLVS discusses ways for online teachers to build relationships with students. View at: https://youtu.be/TjPIDqc2Agc

Elementary Student Experience

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s education. Here is what you need to know before enrolling your child in FLVS. View video at:

For Parents and Students

Article: Top 5 Myths About Online Learning – https://www.flvs.net/top-5-myths-about-online-learning

Article: The Benefits of 1:1 Teacher-Student Communication – https://www.flvs.net/benefits-of-1-on-1-teacher-student-communication

Article: 6 Strategies to Succeed as an Online Student – https://www.flvs.net/6-strategies-to-succeed-as-an-online-student

Article: Tips for Students During School Closures – https://www.flvs.net/tips-for-students-during-school-closures

Live Workshops and Web Seminars

Summer School Success: Meeting the Needs of Summer School Students – https://vimeo.com/408631481/2ae37247f8

Discover how to address the diverse needs of all your students through an effective summer school program.

Transitioning to Online Learning: Best Practices for Parents – https://player.vimeo.com/video/401090685

Learn tips and tricks for supervising students in an online environment.

Web Seminar Recordings

Parents: New to Home Education – https://flvs.zoom.us/rec/share/ysx8A5XR_GROWLOR53z5GYQkONTcX6a8hiQZqaBfzkqi9xI7sEKM7HvxzfvZeYIm

FLVS The Virtual Voice Blog https://blog.flvs.net/online-learning-resources/

FLVS is a five-time Learning! 100 Award Winner.

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