Forrester Names Leading Web Analytics Companies

Digital strategy and execution are anchored in Web analytics as firms develop broader intelligence approaches to tracking and interacting with users across multiple channels. Web analytics has kept pace with the digitally empowered customer supported by continuous investment by vendors in growing their products advanced analytics capabilities.

Forrester Research, Inc., finds a mature market in which Adobe, AT Internet, IBM and Webtrends lead the pack with strong Web analytics offerings and strate- gies for the enterprise. Google is a “strong performer” with its premium product gaining support for easy-to-use features. SAS Institute is a “contender,” offering a customer-intelligence- based alternative.

As Web analytics technology matures and core functionalities are commoditized, users must look to the support for advanced requirements to differentiate leading vendors. Features such as predictive analytics, support for mobile applications, reach of partner programs, and ability to support customer implementation distinguish one vendor from the next.  

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