Fosway Redefines Learning Systems

Fosway Redefines Learning Systems

The LMS, NGLE and LXP are dead says Fosway Group, an HR analyst group. In a move that reflects the evolution in learning systems, Fosway is redefining the market to help organizations better understand what they are buying. This reclassification of learning platforms on the brand new 2020 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems waves farewell to the LMS and NGLE classification and rebases its analysis on whether a solution is a Suite or a Specialist.

According to Fosway:

There has been an explosion of vendors using the NGLE/LXP labels to appeal to modern buyers scarred by bad LMS experiences. These platforms are a mix of disruptive (and often new) ideas and ways of delivering learning- mobile, social, video, adaptive, micro, curated- the list continues to grow. But whatever they are, they do not form a single buying category, so the movement to re-classify has come. As of 2020, we (FG) are changing over classifications for the Fosway 9-Grid for Learning Systems to Suites and Specialists.”

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