Gamification, Serious Games Spark Interest in Learning

Playing games at work used to be a ticket to getting fired, now gaming is an important part of training delivery, according to recent research from ASTD. In the report, “Playing to Win: Gamification and Serious Games in Organizational Learning,” ASTD teamed with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) to explore how gaming has emerged as an important, and viable, way to deliver training in organizations.

Key findings from the report include:

>> Despite significant interest in gamification and serious games, only one in four surveyed said their organization currently used gamification in learning; and one in five used serious games.

>> Enthusiasm is high for those using gamification and serious games; 37% using gamification and 51% using serious games rated the methods highly effective.

>> Gamification is most often used for all-employee training and for new employees’ orientation or onboarding.

>> Making learning fun and encouraging innovation and creativity are top reasons for using gamification.

—Full report:

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