Gaming Not the Be-All-End-All to AR and VR, Tech Experts Contend

An expert panel has predicted that, while gaming is currently the main vehicle bringing virtual reality to e-learning, it is not the end of virtual reality, and the dynamic will shift as more content becomes available pushing the technology toward telepresence and video.

When asked how augmented and virtual reality can both grow in the marketplace, the panelists agreed that the technology is already in place, but more content is needed. Palmer Luckey, founder/CEO of Oculus VR said, “The first step is making a device that can make you believe you’re in a different place.”

The panel featured Luckey, Jaunt CEO Jens Christensen, Technical Illusions co- founder Jeri Ellsworth and Razorfish’s global CTO Ray Velez. The discussion took place at January’s International Computer Electronics Show.

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