Global Learning Technology Growth Shatters Records

Global Learning Technology Growth Shatters Records

According to Metaari Research, “The investments made to learning technology companies in 2019 were the highest in the history of the learning technology industry by an extraordinary margin and blasted past the records set between 2015 and 2017 and far outpaced the historic high in 2018.”

In 2019, private investment topped $18 billion in learning technology and is not slowing down. The spike is focused on Advanced Learning technologies like A.I., Mixed reality, game-based, Mobile, Cognitive, Location-based learning solutions and EdBots.

“The massive funding in 2019 is heavily concentrated in the EdTech unicorns. Education technology unicorns were relatively rare until 2017 and 2018. …The large education publishers like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson are indeed unicorns but they still generate a great deal of revenue from legacy print content. There were 44 learning companies that garnered over $100 million in 2019 compared to the 31 that obtained over $100 million in 2018.”

By region, China has slowed considerably to $3.9 billion, almost half of the previous year. (Data was collected prior to the current coronavirus threat.) Download free white paper for more details at:

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