Habla Español?

If you have a dispersed workforce, or would like to provide partners, suppliers or customers distributed around the world with access to your training content, you should consider a learning management system available in the appropriate languages.

In preparing the current edition of Brandon Hall Research’s “LMS KnowledgeBase 2008,” it asked vendors to reveal the languages supported by their systems.

The results indicate that many commercial learning management systems have translated their learner and administrative interfaces into multiple languages.

Of the 76 systems covered in the research: 47 are available in Spanish, 45 in French, 40 in German, 31 in Italian, 28 in Japanese, 24 in three dialects of Chinese.

Looking for something a bit more exotic? Three systems have been translated into Latvian. Three are available in Malay. One is available in Swahili. One is available in Hindi.

By the way, a 2001 survey indicated that 41 percent of the population of India speaks Hindi. So one smart LMS vendor has a large potential market.

To access a copy of the report, visit the Website http://www.brandon-hall.com/publications/ lmskb/lmskb.shtml.  

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