High Potential Leadership

How Do You Identify High Potentials?

Today’s organizations find it challenging to locate and put in place a new generation of leadership that is both proactive and pragmatic. Disproportionately this new generation of leaders will come from the pool of people within an organization, often referred to as “high potentials.” But here’s the rub: By what criteria do we decide whether somebody is a high potential suited for a leadership position?

Grant Professor at the School of Industrial & Labor Relations of Cornell University
and author of more than 10 eCornell online courses in high-performance leadership,
suggests five criteria for selecting high potentials in his new whitepaper “Criteria to Identify High Potentials in Your Organization.”

To learn more about Bacharach’s five criteria— including “reputation” and “courage”—download the complete whitepaper from eCornell at www.ecornell.com/5criteria

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