Hillary Gets a ‘Virtual’ Surprise Birthday Party

For her 60th birthday last October, former President Bill Clinton helped launch an online birthday greeting site for his Presidential-campaigning wife Hillary’s 60th birthday.

Now you can surprise someone you know with an online holiday party or personalized greeting with video, pictures & sound. USurprise.com, a unique new Website, picks up where typical e-cards leave off, enabling you to create and host Virtual Surprise parties that combine video, pictures and sound for any occasion, free of charge.

The originator of each celebration, the designated host, is prompted for the guest of honor’s name, type of celebration, celebration date and a guest list to which personalized invitations will be sent. All guests, host included then collectively contribute to this creative virtual card by writing personal messages and uploading photos and videos of their choosing. At the appointed date and time, the guest of honor will receive a discrete invitation to “attend” his or her own Virtual Surprise party to view the finished product. 

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