How Learning is Evolving

Here are six strategic learning trends to watch, and all of them look “real” and have very compelling drivers. These trends are discussed in a report titled “Achieving Learning Impact” from IMS Global:

1) increasing emphasis on integrated access to teaching and learning resources;

2) content collections resulting in more usable, efficient and effective digital/print options;

3) self-directed learning programs with instructor in the loop for entry-level education or domain-specific training;

4) evolving forms of collaborative learning;

5) capturing the classroom for transparent “authoring” techniques, rich media and mobile learning; and

6) defining and implementing accountability and dashboard metrics

About collaborative learning, the report notes:

“Online discussion forums have become a mainstay of instructor-led online courses or seminars. This is because there is ample evidence that they can be utilized in pedagogically successful ways that enhance the level of interactivity beyond what is achievable in many classroom settings. The ‘Web 2.0’ phenomena … are causing educators to take note and see if this energy and collaboration can be harnessed towards instructional goals.”

To access the complete report, visit the Website:

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