How to Build a Leadership ‘TV Network’ to Compliment Learning

How to Build a Leadership ‘TV Network’ to Compliment Learning

Speakers: Emma King, Vice President of Learning and Event Strategy, INXPO
Emma Meyer, Executive Producer, INXPO

In the Netflix age, easily accessible, well-organized video is always ON and available for our consumption, anytime, virtually any place. Real-time, “live” video communication enables leaders to connect with employees around the world in a powerful, effective and highly interactive way that engages employees better than written or video-only communications. Why not funnel your own organization’s content to follow this tested and true formula? In this session learn the keys to organizing and creating a ‘TV Network’ centered around video messages from key Leaders within your organization.

By learning how to group, promote and structure true ‘TV’ style content you will be able to better leverage your corporate communication & learning initiatives. Engage your audience by centralizing multiple learning programs & communication initiatives so that people can tune into topics relevant to them, consumable at their own pace – and learn how to keep your audience coming back for more. This session will provide you with the necessary information to effectively introduce techniques to engage employees, increase innovation, drive change and business results.

    • Understand the importance of video communication as part of your organization’s internal learning strategy
    • Learn from powerful real life success stories at leading healthcare and insurance companies
    • Implement a powerful workforce communication program using a step-by-step plan
    • Track and understand measurable results from using a webcast platform. Video isn’t going anywhere; learn how to harness the power!

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