How to Thrive in the Age of Disruption

How to Thrive in the Age of Disruption


ELC17 Embraces Cutting Edge Theme at August Event


Maricopa, AZ June 7th, 2017- Approximately 45% of all jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence, machine learning or cognitive systems. The World Economic Forums identifies 5 technology trends that are transforming global commerce: internet of things, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, wearables and 3D printing. If you are not embracing these emerging technologies, your organization will be left behind. 

“Digital is the wires, but digital intelligence, or artificial intelligence as some people call it, is about much more than that. This next decade is about how you combine those and become a cognitive business. It’s the dawn of a new era.”- VIRGINIA M. ROMETTY, CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, IBM

Where does a leader begin this journey?

The Enterprise Learning! Conference is singularly focused on delivering the answers you need. ELC17 features 6 keynoters who are embracing these technological forces and re-inventing their organizations’ products, services and learning ecosystems. Invest 2-days at the Enterprise Learning! Conference and create your action plan to thrive in this age of disruption.

Step1: Keynote: Thriving in the Age of Disruption

In this keynote, Sundar Nagarathnam, SVP of Salesforce, and Kathy Breis, GM of Learning@Cisco reveal how to thrive in the age of disruption. They will share their strategies for innovation, collaboration and the rapid transformation spurred by the digitalization of the enterprise.

Salesforce, named Most Innovative Company by Forbes 7 years in a row, delivers the world’s #1 CRM solution. Salesforce is rapidly evolving, offering Lightning for mobile apps, visual data analytics (Wave) and AI (Einstein). Enterprises can leverage these sophisticated cognitive systems without internal software engineering teams.

Cisco has spent the past three decades helping companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow through the transformation of how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Three of the most critical business issues facing Cisco and many organizations today are reskilling the workforce for continual transformation, improving employee engagement to drive productivity and agile responsiveness; and sharing institutional knowledge and best practices across the organization.

Step 2: Keynote: The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption

In a business landscape rocked by constant change and turmoil, companies like Airbnb, Cisco, GE Digital, Google, IBM and Microsoft are reinventing the future of work. What is it that makes these companies so different? They’re strategic, they’re agile, and they’re customer focused. Most importantly, they’re game changers. And, their workplace practices reflect this.

In this keynote, Kevin Mulcahy, partner, Future Workplace, will present an actionable framework for meetings today’s toughest business disruptions head-on. He will guide you step-by-step through the process of recruiting top employees and building an engaged culture- one that will drive your company to long-term success. He will provide you 10 rules for rethinking, reimagining and reinventing your organization.

Step 3: Keynote: The Future Learning Ecosystem

Globalization, social media, ever-increasing computing power, and the proliferation of low-cost advanced technologies have created a level of worldwide complexity and rapid change never seen. To remain competitive in this environment, today’s workers, military members, and civil servants require an expanded set of competencies, higher levels of nuanced skills such as critical thinking and emotional intelligence, and more efficient and agile pathways to expertise. Achieving these outcomes depends, at least in part, on enhancing our learning ecosystem. This includes, for instance, identifying new ways to empower our personnel to learn anytime/anywhere, enhancing the quality of learning delivered, and better tailoring learning experiences to individuals’ needs.

In this keynote, Dr. Jennifer Vogel-Walcutt, Innovation Director of ADL, will outline a vision for the future of learning, painting a picture of the “art of the possible” and proposing a roadmap that outlines five enabling conditions needed to achieve this future vision.

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About the Enterprise Learning! Conference

The Enterprise Learning! Conference 2017 hosts global thought leaders and executives from corporate enterprise, government agencies, higher education and non-profit organizations. This conference reveals how leaders are building high-performance organizations in the age of digital disruption. ELC17 serves the robust $243 billion enterprise learning market expanding at 17% CAGR.

ELC17 convenes over 125 award-winning learning professionals to share the best practices of high performance organizations, lessons learned, and future strategies. Invest 48 hours at ELC17, and discover how to engage teams, build a productive learning culture, measure impact and embrace the future digital enterprise.

Who Should Attend

Executives charged with driving enterprise performance via learning and workplace technologies, including HR, Talent, Development, Training, E-learning, Project Management, Education, Sales & Service should attend ELC17.  Government, non-profit agencies and educational institution leaders are also in attendance to collaborate on the now and the next in learning. Attending this conference is an amazing opportunity to meet colleagues from across the globe.  Registration is now open at: Register by July 1st and save up to $500. 


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