HR Preparing for Non- Recession Market

TalentDrive has released the results from the recent “What Steps Are You Taking to Leverage this Recession?” April through June survey. It found that 50 percent of HR professionals surveyed are actively preparing for the return of hiring and “the other side” of the recession.

When asked what positions HR will be struggling the hardest to fill, 60 percent claimed information technology (IT) talent is anticipated to be the most in-demand, followed by sales and operations, both at 30 percent. Fifty percent claim to be proactively preparing for the hiring return. A like number said they are confident that they are ready to handle the influx of open positions and hiring needs. The other 50 percent claimed “maybe.”

More 8,000 Fortune 1000 companies and HR professionals were surveyed.

“Although no one can predict without a doubt when the hiring spike will occur, I feel strongly that HR Departments need to make use of this recession by pipelining candidates and planning budget allocation according to business initiatives beforehand,” says TalentDrive CEO Sean Bisceglia.

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