I.T. Pays Upwards of $92,000 Per Year

I.T. Pays Upwards of $92,000 Per Year

A comprehensive survey of almost 12,000 respondents in the information technology sector of the economy reveals an average compensation package of $92,000 per year. Managers hit $120,000.

I.T. managers on Wall Street and in the biotech, energy, consumer goods, financial services, I.T. and electronics, and consulting industries earn $140,000 in median total compensation. I.T. managers in education, non-profits, and state and local government earn the least, at $94,000 median pay or less.

Other key findings:

>>  Staffers report a median raise of 1.6% in total compensation from last year. Managers got 2.4%.

>>  48% of I.T. staffers think the vocation is more promising than it was five years ago, a 15-point jump from 2011; 55% of managers think it’s more promising, also a 15-point increase.

>>  Male staffers make about 16% more in median total compensation than females. Male managers make about 11% more.

>>  18% of I.T. pros have had a job benefit cut in the past year;  6% had benefits increase; 66% got raises; 2% got pay cuts.

—More info: www.informationweek.com

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