The typical knowledge worker today is interrupted by pings, emails, chats and data. By centralizing communications thru a personal digital workplace hub, workers can create, collaborate and manage communications while improving engagement. IBM recently announced the acquisition of TimeToAct’s XCC, a digital workspace hub, renamed the Engagement Center.

IBM Connections is already the market leader in enterprise collaboration; adding the Engagement Center brings sharper focus to the flow of internal knowledge. XCC adds a digital workspace hub, or personalized homepage, to IBM Connections. The homepage is tailored to each individual end user’s role and preferences, providing employees with easy access to the information needed to excel in their jobs. It highlights corporate news, relevant content, links to important resources, files, and events that might pertain to the employee’s work.

According to IBM, “Having immediate access to content that helps users get work done is enough to cause a significant boost in employee engagement. However, XCC further enhances an employee’s work experience by helping to ensure that the right content is written and discovered by the right people. It also provides a single content repository, further simplifying content creation, management, and discovery.”

The acquisition of XCC from TIMETOACT builds on the created by delivery of Connections 6.0 and the announcement of the next generation architecture, codenamed “Pink.” With these innovations, IBM Connections will now offer users an integrated experience where top-down communications blend seamlessly with peer-to-peer collaboration. This makes internal communications accessible and collaborative, part of the everyday work flow.

The Engagement Center will compete with solutions like Jive and Facebook’s new Workplace solution. 

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