Instructors Wanted: Pre-sales of Its Flying Car Begin - Only $400,000

Instructors Wanted: Pre-sales of Its Flying Car Begin - Only $400,000

For those of you that thought teaching someone to drive was tough, imagine being the Driver/Flying Ed instructor for this baby. We can hear the screams already. Wait! Pull up! Pull up! Watch that aircraft! Bank right around that drone!

Granted, the call for flying instructors may be a bit early, but Dutch company PAL-V is really taking pre-orders for it’s new flying car. Finally, the promise made so many years ago by Popular Science is about to hit the skies.

According to their website, the following is what they’re touting for a mere $400,000 USD:

Thanks to a number of patented technologies, the dimensions of the PAL-V Liberty do not exceed those of a regular car. It therefore blends perfectly with everyday road traffic, yet offers a new level of mobility.

Among many unique features, the PAL-V Liberty has two distinct attributes that set it apart from all other concepts. The first is that lift is created by a wind-powered rotor, making the PAL-V Liberty float in the air. Taking this gyroplane principle to the next level is the secret behind the safest and easiest flying vehicle on the market.

Another attribute of the PAL-V Liberty that adds to its uniqueness is the three-wheel design and the soft tilting motion in curves.

As a result, the PAL-V Liberty is a joy to drive and to fly, with a matchless drive and flight experience, as well as unequaled freedom of mobility.

This website is full of details about this revolutionary vehicle. Take a little time to absorb them, and you will soon be convinced that the PAL-V Liberty really is one of a kind.

Batman may have a slightly more advanced model, but hey, we bet his cost a heck of lot more. Hmm. Wonder if it uses Google Maps?

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