Interactive Projectors Market to Grow at 26.58% CAGR Driven by Virtual and E-Learning to 2020

 The emergence of e-learning and virtual learning is also expected to contribute to the interactive projectors market growth of interactive projectors during the forecast period. E-Learning is gaining popularity in educational institutions all over the world, and the interactive projector is an ideal tool to deliver content with rich media. Virtual learning helps foster interactivity between students and teachers and has enabled the ease of access to education. It enables distance learning through live sessions, webinars, and video lectures.

The low cost of interactive projectors, when compared to other interactive devices such as interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panel displays, is the key growth driver for interactive projectors market. Interactive projectors can be used on any surface and performs and provides the same quality of an interactive whiteboard. The analysts forecast global interactive projectors market to grow at a CAGR of 26.58% during the period 2016-2020.

Segmentation by Technology and Analysis of the Interactive Projectors Market Short throw projectors and Ultra-short throw projectors

Short throw projectors work best when the projection screen is perfectly flat, but can be used on a wide range of surfaces including whiteboards, blackboards and green screens. They come in a variety of form factors, from highly portable to large versions designed for permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Segmentation by End-User and Analysis of the Interactive Projectors Market Education sector and Corporate sector

The education sector dominated the market during 2015, accounting for a market share of around 88%. The increased government initiatives and the adoption of e-learning are driving the market growth in this sector. Interactive projectors allow teachers/facilitators to present content in a more dynamic, comprehensive, and engaging manner than traditional methods of teaching.

Geographical Segmentation and Analysis of the Interactive Projector Market

APAC dominated the global interactive projectors market during 2015, accounting for a market share of around 41%. Countries such as India, China Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are the major contributors in this region.

Competitive Landscape and Key Vendors

There are only a few prominent vendors in the interactive projectors market; however, considering its potential, several vendors such as Texas Instruments (world’s renowned semiconductor devices manufacturers) and Touchjet have entered this market.

The key vendors analyzed in interactive projectors market are: BenQ, Dell, Infocus, Seiko Epson, and Smart Technologies.

Other prominent vendors in the market include Barco, Boxlight, Casio, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electrical and visual imaging system, Ricoh, Sony, Texas Instruments, and Touchjet.

Further, the report states that lack of awareness could have a crippling effect on the growth of the global interactive projectors market.

Another related report is Global Interactive Flat Panel Market 2016-2020, the analysts forecast global interactive flat panel display market to grow at a CAGR of 84.31% during the period 2016-2020. Currently, interactive whiteboards have a significant market presence compared to other interactive displays due to their low cost. However, interactive flat panels are gaining prominence due to their benefits and declining ASPs. The replacement market for interactive whiteboards is also gaining pace, which is another major driving factor for interactive flat panels. Interactive flat panel market to grow at high rate and take over the interactive whiteboards and projectors markets.

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