Is ‘W-Learning’ the Next Big Thing?

Is ‘W-Learning’ the Next Big Thing?

The Apple Watch, launched two weeks ago, is not the first smart watch — but it’s already got learning professionals thinking. As a matter of fact, the term “w-learning” has already gotten some play on Twitter.

“Funny as that idea might sounds, I don’t see this as a joke,” writes David Kelly on his popular blog ( “It’s going to happen. [But] in the context of our work as performance and learning professionals, it’s representative of a habit our industry needs to break free from. Apple Watch (and tech like it) does have some tremendous potential to support performance and learning, but only if we look at it differently. It’s only by exploring what’s new about the technology, and identifying the doors that it opens that were previously closed off that we are able to use Apple Watch — or any new technology for that matter — as a way to enhance performance and learning.”

To that end, learning companies should prepare themselves and develop ways to deliver effective learning solutions for these wearable technology platforms. But content designers will have to invent new creative ideas suitable for wearable technologies.

The challenge will be to develop content for small interaction area or small screen to present content like slides (for big screens like desktops, laptops, tabs or large screen smartphones).

—Jerry Roche, editorial director, Elearning! Media Group

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