Keeping Lifelong Learning Relevant

Keeping Lifelong Learning Relevant

Relevant in Today’s Changing Workforce (& Style)

>> the increasing number of remote employees;
>> the rise of the contingent workforce; and
>> the increase in flat and agile organizations.

At the confluence of these factors, the limitations of the traditional LMS present themselves. Recent surveys show that roughly 43 percent of the U.S. workforce works remotely at least one day per week. As of 2015, nearly 16 percent reside in that “other” category, which includes: temp agency work, on-call, contract, freelancer … you name it!

Job duties are also changing. Employees are increasingly becoming highly-specialized to the point where an organizational chart is academic. In short, the “regular 9-to-5 employee” simply isn’t as “regular” anymore. So, why should their learning needs be “regular”?  This lack of in-person, communal worktime chips away at traditional on-the-job, peer-to-peer learning. Without immediate feedback, the trend toward voluntary seclusion makes it even harder to codify organizational standards.

The faces that make up the workforce are also changing. Millennials are projected to represent 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. And workers over age 54 are expected to be about 25 percent. Reconciling the differences in learning preferences will be an ongoing challenge.

The fate of lifelong-learning lies with pro-active LMS providers. More than ever, the task of the U.X. designer is crucial to adapt an LMS platform to the user.

Here are some ways Brainier is adapting to this shift:
>> Mobile learning – meets learners at their level
>> Micro-learning – dense, snack-sized content
>> Gamification – promotes higher engagement
>> Self-directed content – Promotes longer engagement
>> Superior reporting – the burden of proven R.O.I. isn’t going away, but having data adds credibility

While our software developers have no plans for prognosticating with their crystal ball, they are hard at work on developing the finest LMS on the market, The Brainier LMS.

Keeping Lifelong Learning Relevant

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